What Is A Secret YouTube SEO Hack?

Hey, want to know a secret? I farted… But seriously, the words you use in the filename of your video are used by YouTube. So if you want a little SEO bumpy bumpy be descriptive in the filename of your video before you upload it.

What Are The Top 3 Hashtags?

Your first 3 hashtags are like your first 3 relationships they’re important and define who you are. YouTube gives the most importance to the first 3 hashtags you use in your title & description. So make sure those first 3 hashtags define what your video is about.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

Hashtags are different than hash browns. Because hashtags don’t taste good no matter how much ketchup you put on them. And according to YouTube, you can use up to 15 hashtags in your videos. Anything more than that and all your hashtags will be ignored. So only use up to 15 hashtags and don’t try to eat them. Cause I tried, they’re not good.

What Is Hashtag Relevance?

Staying relevant is hard whether you are a human or a hashtag. The most relevant hashtags for YouTube are words that it auto-transcribes from your video. So in your video, if you say the word cheese and you use the hashtag #cheese it will give you more weight in search. But if you don’t say the word cheese, your photo won’t be that great and neither will your #cheese hashtag.

What Is The Difference Between Tags & Hashtags?

There are tags and hashtags on YouTube. I know, it’s confusing. According to YouTube, Tags are phrases that can help provide relevance but don’t have much weight in search. Tags also have their own input box. But Hashtags do have a lot of weight in search and have no input box. Instead, you sprinkle hashtags on your video title and description, kinda like pizza toppings.